Note from the Founder: Fr. Francis Kabiru.

Fr.Francisheadshot 1Welcome to St Francis Moto Hope Academy. Saint Francis Moto Hope Academy is located on the serene Hills of Moto area off Molo-Olenguruone road-just 5 kilometers from Molo Township. As a K-8 academy school, Saint Francis MHA our motto remains; “we reach out and empower" every child under our care. We are founded on the intent to serve entire family units with our on-one-campus programs. Coming together from different backgrounds and locations, we are united in our commitment to who we are as an Education Center. With a distinctive academic program rooted in Excellence, Faith, and Patriotism, Saint Francis MHA School has consistently been known as one of the best performing upcoming private schools in the Molo region in the last 7 years.

We attribute this accolade to the efforts of our students and parents, as well as to our talented and inspiring teachers and staff that are personally committed to the success of each student and their family. Saint Francis MHA is proud to be founded under Catholic Traditional Education values. We aim to assist parents in forming their children with a Christian mind and heart –forming the whole person; body, soul, and spirit. Our school offers unique opportunities to young people in a welcoming, friendly- educative-centered environment, through their daily school work, after-school and graduate mentorship programs, extra-curriculum activities like sports, drama, or even scouting. We impart food security and environmental protection knowledge and skills at our small-scale demonstration Agribusiness center.

We access the internet for the Global network in our 10,000 plus books library and through the Befriender-Pal program with our USA friends, there is something for everyone. It is also the special place and home of the sweet "Molo Waters"-as part of the underground fresh waters source that flows to form the magnificent giant Lake Victoria springs. We value inner drive and freshness in whatever we do at the Center; it is not a wonder that people choose to identify themselves with Moto Hope!

We hope you’ll take a moment to discover who we are. Bring your child to us and let us know how we might help you become a part of our St. Francis Moto Hope family. We value everyone; sons and daughters of God.

Message from the Managing Director: Mrs. Lucy Njoroge.

Madam DirectorEvery child is like a seed that has the potential to grow if nourished with love & care under the right guidance. Childhood is the best time to lay the right foundation of the vital values essential for the overall development of the future citizens of tomorrow.

St Francis Moto Hope academy is a friendly setting where every pupil is understood, valued, and nurtured. Our pupils are provided with essential state-of-the-art facilities that ensure holistic education and upbringing. We are a center of academic excellence and we shine in all other extra-curricular activities. We are founded on strong Christian values and instill discipline and good morals in our children throughout their growth and development. I congratulate the students who have accepted to be shaped & molded at our academy. I entrust the almighty to shower his blessings in plenty upon the staff and students at the school in all of their efforts in bettering the lives of our children.

Message from the Headteacher: Mr. Willis Ochieng' Aron.

Teacher WillisI am very proud to be the headteacher of such a wonderful institution. My ten years of teaching experience in four schools around the country, three in which I served as headteacher, has given me the much-needed experience and know-how to be at the helm of Moto Hope Academy. I am passionate about Mathematics, the subject which I teach, and do my best to ensure learners enjoy, understand, and maintain a positive attitude towards it.

At the Academy, we have developed a focused governing body and excellent teaching team to provide high-quality and safe education for all the pupils in our care. The enrollment has seen consistent growth at a rapid pace and there have been more positive changes for the better in all aspects of the school-life we provide for our children. We sufficiently prepare our learners for life after school as good citizens able to positively impact and contribute to the betterment of society. We are proud of our alumni achievements and progress so far in their various high schools and colleges. We follow up and mentor them still as we mentor our current pupils to be great people.

The heart of our school is in our mission; to provide a quality education that meets the spiritual, academic, physical, social, and economic needs of learners and enable them to attain their full academic potentials. We endeavor to make all our pupils safe and happy, inspired and nurtured towards excellence. We relentlessly work on building a high power support system for our children’s lifelong skills of reciprocity (working together), resilience (never giving up) resourcefulness (taking charge of their own lives).

We reach out, we empower!

Deputy Head, Spiritual direction & Counseling: Mr. Boniface Gitau.

Boniface GitauMr. Boniface Gitau the deputy head-teacher, offers a great deal of his experience, knowledge, and expertise to our young learners and the staff as well.

He has been a teacher for the last forty years and a school set-up is where he is most at home. Before joining the Center, he served as headteacher under Kenya's Teachers' Service Commission(TSC). He has also tutored at the Teacher Advisory Center and served as an inspector of schools. He has recorded excellent performance in all his previous and current engagements.

He is a staunch practicing Catholic with dedicated devotion to guiding others to Christ. At St. Francis, he offers spiritual direction and pastoral care for the children. He invites priests to school to celebrate mass for the children as well as accompany the children to church every week.

He also heads the Guidance and Counseling Department and fosters both spiritual and emotional development of our young learners. In addition, he teaches them Mathematics and Religious Studies.

His grade 8 Mathematics class of 2017 that he journeyed with since grade five recorded the highest performance among all the other subjects posting a 70.21 mean score! Mr. Gitau has managed to break the stereotype and encouraged girls to love Math and compete with the boys! He is a passionate teacher and dedicated guide to our children!

Deputy Headteacher: Mr. Dominic Nyabuto Ong'angi.

Mr. DominicIs a teacher by profession who before joining the Academy worked in a number of Nakuru-based schools where he received several accolades for good performance. He served as a deputy headteacher and headteacher in two of the schools. At Moto Hope, he is a teacher of English and Social Studies. He plays an integral role in ensuring our outstanding academic performance.

Mr. Dominic is a dedicated, disciplined, and resilient teacher who works tirelessly to accomplish his administrative and teaching duties. As the deputy, Dominic ensures timely preparation of the school master-timetable, Morning prep as well as weekend timetables, and school schedules. He ensures the smooth running of all programs by preparing an all-inclusive duty roster for the teaching staff. He is the man behind the all-active discipline department.

To keep the teachers on their toes, Dominic oversees Academics and checks, updates, and maintains teacher records, learning and teaching resources records. He is the overall overseer of the Boarding School affairs and the well-being of the boarding children. In instances where the headteacher is engaged outside school, Mr. Dominic takes charge of the school.

Operations: Mr Vincent Njuguna Kiarie.

VincentVincent the Chief Executive Officer of Moto Hope Micro-Lending, volunteers his experience, expertise, and exposure to our center's successful running and performance. He holds a Masters degree in Banking and Finance from the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, and a BSc (Finance) from Kabarak University (Kenya). His previous experience includes: working with AISEC Milan where he was involved in several projects pitched by entrepreneurs for a duration of one and half years. He has also worked with a local tier 1 bank in Kenya for two years. The above enables him to assist in budget making and financial planning in our school and center.

He is a scholar who believes education is a never-ending process and mentors our children to be driven by the same mantra. In May 2021, Vincent successfully completed the Harvard Business School Online Certificate Program on Disruptive Strategy. He is a Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) fellow having successfully completed the 2018 accelerator program from Santa Clara University based in Silicon Valley in the USA. Vincent has represented Moto Hope in a social entrepreneurship competition organized by E4IMPACT of the Catholic University of Milan where Moto Hope emerged 2nd best in the business category. He also participated in the SLUSH 2017 competition held at iHub Kenya.

He is a social entrepreneur who is out to positively impact society by empowering it with knowledge and means. Besides Moto Hope Micro Lending he has also been instrumental in establishing Moto Hope Savings and Credit Co-operative Society(SACCO) which facilitates savings from members in the rural areas. He is the project coordinator of the Molo Moto Maternal and Child Health Program, a partnership between Moto Hope Mission’s St. Francis Moto Hope Health Center-Molo, Rotary club of Kelowna, Canada, and Rotary club of Ruiru Kenya. Besides accelerating the reduction of maternal and child morbidity and mortality, the program through Moto Hope Micro Lending, advances loans, business and agricultural training and value addition to beneficiaries to further their economic ventures and promote self-sustenance.

His excellent leadership skills together with his passion, diligence, and love for humanity have seen him forge unity and cooperation among all the teaching and non-teaching staff. He is a motivation and inspiration and both children and adults look up to him at St. Francis Moto Hope Center and Academy.

School Health/Dispensary: Mr. Isaac Maigua.

Isaac MaiguaMr. Isaac ensures the smooth running of St. Francis Moto Hope Dispensary; helping our children as well as the community that our clinic serves. He desired to be a medical practitioner since he was a little boy and is all too glad to be living his dream and serves with all his heart.

Restoring health by treatment and God's help is his biggest motivation and he has won the hearts of his little patients at school who diligently follow prescriptions and instructions.

Isaac together with our medical staff adequately attends to any child who falls sick at school or goes to school sick. He assists the school nurse to administer and supervise medication of students who require regular medication at school hours and oversees the safe storage of their medication at the clinic’s storage facilities. He stores all medicine in a locked cabinet, available for use to students under the supervision of the school nurse.

Isaac has laid out strict procedures that ensure competency and the highest levels of proficiency and professionalism while dealing with students who fall ill. Students are required to report to the teacher in class if they feel unwell during a lesson, or the matron if in the hostels and the teacher on duty if outside class.

They are then issued with a pass to permit them to seek medical attention at the clinic. The clinic offers all clinical and laboratory services for emergency and preventive care. Besides treating the sick, he also offers career guidance and assists the guiding and counselling department whenever his input is needed.

Mentorship & Communications: Ms Verarita Nasubo Wananyanga.

Verarita 2Verarita the communications supervisor at Moto Hope Mission is very passionate about guiding, positively influencing, and mentoring children and young people. She has four years of teaching experience at St. Josephs Seminary-Molo (English Language, Literature & Business Studies)and is an affiliate of Writers Guild Kenya. She is also a content creator, editor, and avid reader. She believes in the beauty and power of books to not only entertain but teach, expose and influence.

Reading and writing are what give her the most pleasure and she purposes to make our children enjoy the two as much as she does and learn immensely while at it. A student she guided while teaching at the Seminary won both the 2016 and 2017 East African Essay Writing Competitions. At our center, Verarita is the animator of both Mentorship and Befriender-Pal (with our USA friends) programs. She chaperones the "Once upon a time..'-with Verarita program. Where learners compete to read as many books as possible every month and exhaustively discuss them with their colleagues.

She also supervises weekend silent reading also known as "Read with Us" as well as Creative Writing; "Short story hours" for the Academy. Readers are leaders she believes and is out to raise a reading generation! Verarita organizes the monthly mentorship sessions as well as the school holiday mentorship camp at the center. The mentors she invites offer our learners knowledge and skills through professional socialization and personal support which broaden their chances for success. Verarita also helps to organize our termly environmental conservation venture: adopt a tree!

Bursar: Mr Jeremiah Gatheca Ng'ang'a.

JeremiahJeremiah is the dedicated bursar of our school and center and readily offers his input wherever he is needed. He is very flexible in the discharge of his duties applying perfect skills and experiences for the successful completion of all his tasks.

Jeremiah is a graduate of Meru University of Science and Technology and a holder of a Bachelors degree in Actuarial Science.

His wealth of experience emanates from working in various financial institutions among them APA Insurance Company, Kenya, and Faulu Microfinance Bank. Jeremiah has risen through the ranks at our center for his diligence, hard work, and commitment. Jeremiah also doubles up as the marketing manager.

His thorough knowledge of the market trends coupled with persistence and determination has ensured the rapid spread of information about the center and the consistent increase in enrollment at the Academy.

His passion and enthusiasm for his field continue to prove invaluable for our center and academy!


Computer and Library: Mr. Ezekiel Ng'ang'a.

Teacher EzekielMr. Ezekiel makes the complexities of technology seem so simple and doable for our young learners. The use of technology can not be ignored in our current world as a lot of the things we use have a technological component(s). He lovingly imparts computer literacy by teaching them basic computer skills.

The know-how they acquire goes a long way in improving their problem-solving skills as well as making their learning faster and better. He empowers them with the computer skills that give them an upper hand in both classwork and out-of-class activities.

Mr. Ezekiel also doubles up as the school librarian. He sorts and organizes the books into various categories and guides the children to the relevant sections. Besides that, he assists the children to search and evaluate relevant information from the various rich sources of information available.

In addition, he supervises all personal reading and library/maktaba lessons. He lends books to both the children and the registered library users within the community. He is a very dedicated teacher who lives for the empowerment and literacy of her students.

Secretary and Book-keeping: Ms. Purity Kariuki.

Secretary PurityPurity with dedication utilizes her secretarial and accountancy skills and experience in serving the center. She performs all secretarial and clerical tasks. With commitment and utmost professionalism, she organizes and maintains an efficient and effective office that handles a variety of tasks for the administration, faculty, students, and parents of our children.

She is guided by her thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations of the school's system. She frequently exercises independent judgement within the scope of the authority granted by the school administration. She handles all correspondence and instantly responds to routine requests for information. She pleasantly serves as the receptionist and effectively communicates information to concerned parties. Her integrity coupled with efficiency enables her to deal with confidential matters. She also maintains all student records.

Purity assists the administration in the preparation of reports and documents: creating graphics and displays, using word processing and data management, creating an attractive presentation, copying, collating, and distributing final products. She prepares all required monthly and year-end reports in a timely fashion. In addition, she receives school fees slips/receipts and updates payments in the system. Her love for the institution and her dedication goes a long way in fulfilling our objectives!


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