MC2Moto Hope Health Clinic opened its doors to patients in February (2017). It has since then recorded a high influx of patients who view it as their quality health facility of choice. The clinic serves an approximate population of 5,000 people from neighboring villages and schools.

We have thus far handled hundreds of health cases from the 354 pupils in our school, immunization of over 2,000 students and kids from the neighboring public schools and villages as well as other patients who frequent the clinic for regular care.

The clinic offers all clinical and laboratory services for emergency and preventive care. Plans are underway to start a weekly eye clinic and a yearly medical camp led by doctors and medical personnel from USA who want to partner with our local health professionals.

The clinic offers a variety of health services such as;

  • Immunization of infants and adults,
  • Lab tests including malaria, typhoid, HIV, blood and stool analysis.
  • Women pregnancy test and cervical and breast cancer screening.
  • Regular high blood pressure screening especially for the elderly in the area.
  • Minor operational procedure in the process of implementation.
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