Our Mission Statement

Moto Hope Mission reaches out to empower and improve the lives of young people and women in Kenya, through education, mentorship, and entrepreneurship.

Our Goals

  • To be the vessel that delivers the many underprivileged youth and women from the vicious cycle of poverty and enable them to attain their optimal potential.
  • To reach out to self-help groups, and demonstrate to them by use of workable models that their individual aspirations and dreams are within their reach.
  • To empower by training, coaching, and guiding them in their personal decision-making for the future.


  • To be an established Academy School for Kindergarten through 8th grade and Junior High school.
  • To have a fully equipped and functional community health clinic.
  • To grow the micro-lending program that offers cheap financing services to youths, entrepreneurs, women, and medium and small-scale enterprises (SMEs).
  • To equip an agricultural demonstration center to serve the rural communities of farmers.
  • To support the Befriender program for underprivileged children by providing them access to better primary and post-primary education.
  • To provide the youth and women with sufficient levels of literacy and skills of life, jobs, and business so as to lift them out of poverty through training and utilization of a community library center.
  • To build solidarity and interaction between people of diverse nations so that they can learn from each other.

Our Greatest Needs

  • Your prayers and financial support for this mission are always needed and valued.
  • Establishment of Moto Hope Endowment fund for our programs' sustainability.


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