27Med Camp day 4The beneficiaries of the August 2019 Medical Camp were not only the 1102 outpatient served and the 116 people on whom minor surgical procedures were performed. Our Kenyan Medical Team had the chance to pick the brain of Dr. Bruce as well as Chrissy and Pam.

At every chance he got outside of treating patients, Dr. Bruce gathered the medical team and generously shared insights, knowledge and skills while answering questions and hearing from the Kenyan Team which could not have been happier for this rare chance. We say Thank you to the Medical Mission Trip!

1Dr. Bruce Training medics 2Dr. Bruce Training medics
3Dr. Bruce Training medics 4Dr. Bruce Training medics
5Dr. Bruce Training medics 6Dr. Bruce Training medics
7Dr. Bruce Training medics 8Dr. Bruce Training medics
44Medcamp day3 45Medcamp day3
42Medcamp day3 41Medcamp day3
31Med Camp day 4 30Med Camp day 4
29Med Camp day 4 28Med Camp day 4
27Med Camp day 4 26Med Camp day 4


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