14Med Camp day 4A total of 1,102 benefited in the outpatient section while 116 had Minor Surgical procedures performed and all received prescribed drugs and medication free of charge!

It was very refreshing to see their gratitude filled faces as they left the center having received a new lease of life through the much needed health care that is otherwise unaffordable for many!

Day 4 of the free medical camp (31/8/2019) saw 148 outpatient served, 10 surgical reviews done and 27 surgical procedures performed . At the pharmacy all in need of prescribed drugs received them free of charge.

We are very grateful to everyone who made the Four Days Medical camp a success! We thank all the organizers of Molo Medical Missions Trips to Kenya, and the very dedicated and generous visiting Medical Team from the US of Dr. Bruce, Chrissy and Pam, our Kenyan Medical Team and Moto Hope Family as well as you , all of you who in one way or another made this noble venture possible.
Above all else we thank God!


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