teambuilding 8Our Mentorship Days at St. Francis Moto Hope Academy are incomplete without the fun filled team building activities at the Center's Field Grounds.

This February 29th Mentorship Day saw our learners engage in various team building activities that help enhance and foster the team spirit that we encourage at the Center and Academy.

St. Francis Moto Hope Academy, We Reach Out, We Empower!

teambuilding 1 teambuilding 2
teambuilding 3 teambuilding 25
teambuilding 5 teambuilding 6
teambuilding 7 teambuilding 8
teambuilding 9 teambuilding 10
teambuilding 11 teambuilding 12
teambuilding 13 teambuilding 14
teambuilding 15 teambuilding 16
teambuilding 17 teambuilding 18
 teambuilding 19  teambuilding 20
 teambuilding 21  teambuilding 22
 teambuilding 23  teambuilding 24


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