SeptMentorship 4“Mentoring is Sharing Life's Experiences and God's Faithfulness” ― Janet Thompson. We are quite delighted by how receptive the children were at Saturday's (11/9/2021) Mentorship day!

The day's mentors were the young people from the Eye Opener Mentorship and Empowerment Program(a group of university students/graduates who seek to empower next-generation leaders; mentoring and guiding children and young people early in life on aspects that will help them live and lead better lives). The main speakers of the day were Mr. Guto Nyang'au a clinician and graduate of Kirinyaga University, life coach and mental health champion, and Joel Momanyi a life coach and fourth-year student of Bachelor of Education (Mathematics & Physics) at Egerton University.
The speakers had the children fully engaged in the very animated and interactive sessions that comprehensively covered Contemporary issues, Discipline, Hygiene, Motivation, and Character development. It is our joy and purpose to see and ensure that the children at the Academy receive a holistic education, are happy, and live wholesome lives! St. Francis Moto Hope Academy; We Reach Out, We Empower

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