Oct2021MedCamp 9The Free Minor Surgeries Medical Camp of October 27th to 30th at St. Francis Moto Hope Dispensary, Molo, was such a great success! We are so grateful to God! Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who made this noble venture possible.

A total of 62 surgeries were performed, 205 Surgical reviews were done and 66 cases were referred to the January 2021 Free Medical camp! There is still a great need for more free camps to serve the many people who turn up as they are otherwise unable to meet the skyrocketing costs of quality healthcare. Beneficiaries of this medical camp were the aged, youth, women, and children. It is rewarding and fulfilling to see just how grateful and relieved they all were especially since most have needed the procedures for many years. We thank Molo Medical Missions (USA) and are truly moved by the kind generosity of the visiting American medics led by Dr. Chrissy (Trista, Marie, Alli, Kylie, and Pam). Thank you our Kenyan Teams. God bless you all!

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