Oct22medicamp 57We are beside ourselves with joy and gratitude thanks to a successful Free Medical Camp at St. Francis Moto Hope Dispensary in Molo, Kenya. The Free Medical Camp of 12th to 15th October 2022 saw the dedicated and passionate visiting Molo Medical Missions Teams of medics cover Surgeries, Podiatric, and Paediatric care, spearheaded by doctors; Chrissy, Stephen, and Zeh and their teams.

A total of 211 consultations were made (73 surgical reviews, 72 Podiatric, and 66 Paediatric cases), and 71 surgeries were performed!

The beautiful smiles of gratitude on the faces of beneficiaries, both young and elderly as well as their families were a sight to behold! Many received a new lease of confidence and their daily lives were made much easier or returned to a normalcy long forgotten. Moreover, all felt the weight of the otherwise costly procedures lifted off their shoulders thanks to the Free Medical Camp! The children’s relief was the hardest to miss and most moving!  This Medical Camp was remarkably rewarding and fulfilling!

We remain ever so grateful to God! Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who made this noble venture possible. We thank Molo Medical Missions (USA) and are truly moved by their kind generosity, love, and sacrifice. Thank you our Kenyan Teams. May God bless you all!

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