Mentday 16Friday the 10th of March was Mentorship Day at the Academy and the excitement in the air was palpable. Rev. Fr. James Gachigi Mukuha the administrator of St. Mary’s Pastoral Centre, Nakuru was the Guest Speaker & Mentor and totally exceeded our expectations!

Fr. James easily came down to each of the children’s level engaging them wholly in active participation and listening as he comprehensively and as simply as only he could, covered the day’s theme; Concentration, Working together, and going for success.
The active participation involved lots of practical demonstrations of every area covered and the class 8 candidates even presented a wonderful play as directed by the speaker. There was not a dull moment as the elated students kept the speaker as active and animated as he did them.
The music and dance used by Fr. James had the children in even higher spirits as they did their best to outshine each other!
Judging by the children’s feedback, we are pleased that they not only had loads of fun but also gained everything we hoped they would. We are eager to see them take it all to heart and put it into practice.
Our hearts are full!

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