Interschools Nyanda 4Our Junior High schoolers have started us off with a bang, this last half of the Term!

When they reported from Half Term a day earlier than the rest, we would have expected them to come back not so pleased about their little holiday being cut a day short!
However, they came back chests out, heads held high, promising to show their worthy opponents dust. And dust they showed!

On Monday 1st July 2024, we presented our Junior High School Boys’ and Girls’ Football, Volleyball, and Basketball Teams for the Junior Secondary Nyanda Base Interschool Games Competitions at Nyanda Primary School!

The Teams held an overall First position and we are happy and proud to share a breakdown of their triumph below:

Quarter Finals: Moto Hope JSS VS Bishop Ndingi JSS - 5-2
Semi-Finals: Moto Hope JSS VS Muchorwe JSS 1-0
Finals: Moto Hope JSS VS Nyanda JSS- 2-0

Semi-Finals: Moto Hope JSS vs Muchorwe JSS - 2-0 (sets)
Finals: Moto Hope JSS vs Upendo JSS- 2-0

Quarter Finals: Moto Hope JSS vs Muchorwe JSS - 2-0
Semi-Finals: Moto Hope HJSS vs Baraka Shalom JSS- 2-0
Finals: Moto Hope JSS vs Choronok JSS- 2-0

Semi-Finals: Moto Hope JSS vs Baraka Shalom JSS- 0-2

Our Basketball Team had a walkover as no other school in the base presented a team!

Our overall First position will have us represent the Nyanda Base in the coming Bases Competitions on the 3rd of July 2024 at Koige Secondary School and Jogoo Primary School.

Congratulations to all the teams and our dedicated games teachers who have been excellent coaches throughout the training and normal school games and sporting activities. The students' and teachers' cooperation and hard work is surely ensuring that we excel both in and out of class; holistic excellence!

We look forward to the Bases as we wish our champions the best!

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